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The Roommate

College student Sara finds that her new roommate Rebecca has an obsession with her, which quickly turns violent.

Stars: Leighton Meester, Minka Kelly, Cam Gigandet, Alyson Michalka, Danneel Harris.

Directed by Christian E. Christiansen.

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It's an fascinating method from relative newcomer, director Christian Christiansen. And surprisingly, Leighton was just awesome. Poorly made and poorly acted, it is in fact a deliberate insult to excellent taste. The individuals were laughing at the exact same issues and everyone was equally disturbed at a couple of things that were just outrageously terrible. There is nopoint in watching this movie - we already know every little thing from thistitle. Aburrida del comienzo al final. Freshman Student Sara (Minka Kelly) is seeking forward to beginning college life, but when she is assigned a new roommate (Rebecca) she discovers every thing is not what it appears. An appealing young cast, simply pitched conceit and streamlinedmarketing efforts will turn out modest adolescent audiences for openingweekend, but poor word-of-mouth (the film did not screen in advance forcritics) and limited demographic appeal will consign download The Roommate moviefairly swiftly to justifiably anonymous life as cable Television filler. Nice, small bit freaky movie. So be careful i might just want to be you. Its pretty formulaic. I thought I would cry. Rebecca: "You can borrow anything that you want. Long story brief she gets a roommate named Rebecca (Leighton Meester, "Gossip Girl") who becomes overly obsessed with her. Online movie The Roommate. Also there had been numerous parts of the movie where music will come on in the background just to show the crazy chick doing some stupid issues or the primary character and her new boyfriend talking. Don't waste your time or funds on this movie. It tries to get away with suggesting horror without having showing any of it, but the power of suggestion in this case is just not quite sufficient to convey the mounting terror this story desires us to believe in. I mean we had Stepfather and Roommate now whats next. I'm not sure what all the negative reviews of this movie are about. I feel that intriguing movie. Watch our evaluation show 'MOVIE Speak' at: www. The Roommate fillm. Otherwise just a ter. It looks really scary but it will be incredible, I'm sure. The movie The Roommate on dvd. The characters in their film had adult motives andrelationships, and spoke above an eighth-grade level.

99 when it comes out on PPV either. All five points for Alyson and Nina. Watch it on the web here http://videobb.com/video/alMAUKYmiL7D. It does nothing terrible (excluding that shitty sex scene) but it does absolutely nothing great. The Roommate blu-ray is your run of the mill thriller. The worst portion is that it was a remake, and he still failed to enhance the plot.

Moviegoers forget that "Single White Female" starts off as a femme version of "Pygmallion", prior to it turns into "Pygmallion On Her Own. I just saw "download movie The Roommate" with my greatest friend, who is not into scarymovies at all. "The Roommate" download. And for that, a large thumbs up. It was reallu creepy but i wish the director wuld have cut out the portion where the kitty dies. I just saw "The Roommate download" with my greatest friend, who is not into scarymovies at all. Overall, Iɽ say. Online The Roommate? It was creepy,interesting, and I liked it. Second point that you wont mind is listening to the amazing soundtrack that follows the movie, and lastly you will not mind the acting itself, its really quite surprising. This type of movie Needs to be Rated R. This is a great one for the dollar theater, as this is exactly the type of film that is finest watched with a bunch of individuals who aren't shy about yelling at the screen. The Roommate download dvd.

Poorly crafted horror movie. I went and seen this movie last week with my family members and we completely loved it. Watching it in a theater full of people was funny. Later gospin girl this actriz its nice. Not interested but still might go see it if somebody takes me but really why see a movie like this wh. It's worth a watchwhether it's at the movies or on the couch when it arrives on DVD. The Roommate full lenght movie in dvd format. Bestdirector Greatest Movie. It may not be the best acted or the most great script but its got sufficient suspense to maintain you watching. It was like a scary disney movie. Some had been weak and others had been decent. I liked the idea ofSara's roommate ripping the belly piercing right off. Somuch was left unanswered regarding Rebecca's behavior and back-storythat instead of being scary the film turned into a comedy.

download movie The Roommate" tells the story of Sara who is in college and gets to live with Rebecca, her new roommate. Since i live in a hostel with roommates, i HAVE to watch this. I dont want to see this it looks really poor. Even though it doesn't even come close to meeting the standards of a horror movie, it still delivers some chills and even some inexpensive jump scares.

This was the best movie of our decade but the only thinq I hate a lot of * action this movie need to be rated r not pg-13. Think of this movie as more of a comedy that way you won't really feel like you have been rip-off.

But I have to say believe it or not, in contrast to most ScreenGems it does have depth. Ought to have been rated R not PG-13.

Nevertheless there were so several unsolved questions, I was left puzzled at times. Leighton Meester delivers a stellar performance. Im happy it hit number one in the box office and its just a wake up call to reailty that this can definately take place in actual life. The Roommate full movie divx.

I mean all horror movies do. A not-so-well-done "remake" of single white female.

Yet, The Roommate full movie fails to scare, but does not fail to entertain its time on screen. 1st, I'll start with the acting, NONE of the actors(if you can even call them that) even attempted to attempt in this film. A number of movies into one but girl was Ka-raaa-ze. Not worth a penny of the ten dollars you invest for it. You insist on rendering ladies the assaulters and men the assaultees. Rebecca got stabbed in the spine.

What happened with the prior girl. Watch full movie. Oh i really like blake lively so i want to see this. You just figured out the entire movie. I was truly disappointed. At the AMC River East in Chicago - usually a quiet place to see a movie - the whole audience was having fun 'hating' on The Roommate movie, particularly the character played by Leighton Meester. The Roommate dvdrip! All 5 points for Alyson and Nina. I'm not saying they're acting was bad, I'm saying that I didn't feel the characters had been likable. Where can i download The Roommate online

And then watch it once more. Thankyou suzanne autrey. The story is stupid and unoriginal.

I'm not a fan of Single White Female, as I discovered each and every single one of the characters to get on my last nerve. I liked thecollege setting better than the apartment setting simply because it gave Saraand the viewer a much more confined feeling. Why cannot my evaluation be much less than 150 characters. Go on to the next 1 that its on your watch-list. Watching this movie there was literally nothing great about it.

I saw where she was obtaining jealous of the cat and I knew Cuddles had utilized up all of his nine lives.

The greatest thing about it was the sound track. Dvd download. In truth, if you are the type of individual that enjoys movies that are so poor they turn out to be humorous then you may want to check this one out. No conflicts were resolved other than the death of Rebecca- which is not necessarily a resolution. Even with this reality that all of us are well aware of, you insist on creating men into victims of Ȭrazy" ladies, and women into serialkillers. And don't get me began on CamGigadget(Sarah's beau) he is so Hot. At first I thought it was like single white female.

I discovered myself giggling via the whole feature at the ludicrous plot and unexplained scenarios of this typically off screen fear fest. Rebecca has sketches of a girl up in her room but doesn't want to talk about them. Thereshould have been a lot more of a back story written for Rebecca, because theaudience actually could have benefited from knowing what happened inRebecca's pass. The rules appear to be set in stone in regard to your typical "crazy individual in a normal setting" type movie. Simply because at least Single White Female was a lot more of apsychological thriller in it's day, than The Roommate film is in these days'sindustry. Director Christian Christiansen has a secret scare tactic and it is known as the extreme close-up. This movie was so excellent, the action in it was insane, a lot far better then black swan in my opinion. There is no deep story here, just a simplistically mindless, mildly entertaining film. This movie was fairly great. There wasabsolutely nothing there to maintain the movie from sinking- no laughs, noplot, and no acting. That's pretty impressive, contemplating the script could have easily led an actress to portray this character as little much more than a monstrous cipher. The initial reason is Alyson Michalka - I like her not only as a singer, but also as an actress. The Roommate the film watch it! All in all it's a decent small film, but I wouldn't waste my time on it. This movie was truly fairly scary and the story line wasn't too poor. The adolescent- friendly PG-13 rating isn't even a suitable scapegoat, though it is indicative of both the movie's content and its intellect. Somehow, the movie doesn't govery far beyond that. Could they have come up with some thing much better than psycho girl not taking her medication. Given that i live in a hostel with roommates, i HAVE to watch this. The script wants the viewer to hate thischaracter and find her dangerous and sympathize with The Roommate in HD, butI locate myself sympathizing with the crazy girl and curious about herbackstory and what's really going on with her. Download filme The Roommate. The lead actresses and other people created really a lot of dramatic tension as did the filming/editing. Movies like this 1, on the other hand, make me perhaps a bit a lot more sympathetic to those who do. Watch The Roommate film in full. It ends up escalating (although there's no actual escalation) to the point of the lame ending. All the girls in the movie kept me going and i just couldnt get over how hot Minka kelly is.

The ending is so last minute thinking. Sara (Minka Kelly) is a college freshman going to live the dorm life. It looks really scary but it will be amazing, I'm sure. It wasn't what I was expecting at all. I highly suggest it. Not actually certain why or how Rebecca got to the way she was. Hq The Roommate movies.

I was surprised that Leighton meester could act psychotic.

First of all watching this movie produced me feel a little old simply because Ididn't know a single actor in it. 'The Roommate' film. That portion of the story is weak with just the Ȭrazy explanation. Single White Female goes to college. Mind you, this details concerning Jasonis supplied via cell phone messages, and Sara's need to tell all herbusiness to someone she does not even know, of course that would be, noother than the lovely Rebecca.

Not truly certain why or how Rebecca got to the way she was. Want to watch The Roommate movie. Sara has every feasible option available to resolve her roommate problem, but her decisions just compound the dilemma. What i liked about it was the acting beacuse it was excellent absolutely nothing truly shitty. Download The Roommate movie in dvd quality. I hope this film will get her some descent acting roles in thefuture. This movie wasnt even scary. Good story and terrific soundtrack. Everybody, who says this movie sucked, is an idiot, t isnt a brilliant movie, but its good. If they wanted this to be the remake of Single white female, then I should say it felt brief. The Roommate full download.

Rebecca is becoming jealous so she starts doing each SHE can feel of to gain Sarah's attention once more for her own psychotic gain. At initial I was very into it and was truly excited to go see it. I give this a Some Ole Bullsh*t (would be OK film to watch on Tv ,butthat really it) My T-Wilk rating is 2/5. It seem like "single white female" to me and im interest to see. If I wasn't with two other folks I would have walked out 20. I also wanted to compliment the director for keeping the blood and gore to a minimum.

Stunning females can not play nicely with others. I havent observed this however but it looks great>>>>>>>. Do not waste your funds, saw this on 2nd night out, not exciting,thrilling or scary, ok the ending wa. Horror genre fan, so I could see where most of it was going. First of all her difficulties throughout the movie appear to bepretty severe, so why is she not under normal psychological care.

Had possible to be great. In the final scene, I thought she did an incredible job.

From when I saw the previews it looked fairly great but then I saw it and my buddies and I had been just laughing the whole time it was a large joke to me. Glad I went to five dollar movie night. As stated before by several critics, "thefilm isn't even poor sufficient to be great". Obvious comparisons can be produced to Single White Female but this isn't a film for adults. Poorly produced and poorly acted, it is in fact a deliberate insult to great taste.

There is nopoint in watching this movie - we already know every thing from thistitle. But the acting was excellent for the most part. There had been two excellent things about the movie that aren't important at all to the movie itself. How to download The Roommate the full movie. It was anticlimatic, lacked substance, and the characters had been so 1-dimension. The victim of Rebecca's high school years says this fantastic line that Sara repeats correct just before she kills Rebecca. Terrible," "Awful," and "Atrocious" are just some of the words that come to mind when I feel of "T. The movie was somewhat disturbing, from cutting your own stomach to putting tiny kittens in washing machines, it's not worth the 10 dollars i payed. The Roommate download dvdrip. Kelly is convincing as Sara the"nice" girl. In brief, Hollywood recycles plots allthe time, and that's fine but they could at least pick a new angle totell the story through that would captivate the viewer.

Shallow character developments, plot lines that you can see coming from leagues aways, late 20/30-some thing actresses trying to convince us that they are fresh out of high school and attending college (you can't find actresses in their late teens.

But no, what did you do. What A Way To Actually Exaggerate The Medical Condition Of A Individual So Significantly So That It Exacerbates The. It's notbecause her parents didn't love her. The Roommate good quality? If you really pay cash to watch this movie you require to be exiled from society and die. Sara's friend Irene (Danneel Harris, "One Tree Hill"). Some of the scenes undoubtedly suggest this is feasible. How about you be a decent individual and attempt to get her some aid doucheface. An updated version of Single White Female. Legal The Roommate movie download. Its still early in 2011 but we certainly have a contender for worst movie of the year. The Roommate film length. She'sjust bad regardless of whether its illness or not, she is messed up. It takes forever to get to the point and, where a little blood and sex might have provided a degree of welcome titillation, there is none. How to download The Roommate movie! This sadly wasn't 1 of them. The Roommate downlaod. MIka was portion of the best tv series of all time: Friday night lights. Whenindividuals lash out it's more entertaining to know where they camefrom and what precisely sent them over the edge.

Now, I am not a massive fan of Billy Zane, but in his role as Profressor Roberts in this movie, he was really quite excellent. This is complete sack of * movie. My verdict is, it tried to stay away from the same plot in some scenes but i still liked it somehow. Hi-def quality The Roommate download! The Roommate movie online"was not gory, or extremely sexual, but had enough cringes and off puttingparts to make you say "oh. Leighton Meester did an alright job being creepy, as well. The Story centers around Sara (Minka Kelly), a college student from Des Moines, who starts her freshman year at UCLA. The plot is average, the acting was nothing spectacular, but however i still didnt mind watching the movie and it kept me engaged the whole time. I will watch anything he's in. Besides your hod chicks and hot boys eye candy it really does not have a lot to offer. As nicely as the other cast did excellent too. And obviously that was the intended audience. Women who invest a fantastic dealof time alone are secretly plotting to murder their pals' pals. Download The Roommate movie legally. It was anticlimatic, lacked substance, and the characters had been so one-dimension. Dvd movie The Roommate. A horrid account of an encounter with a bipolar human. In an apartment there are doors you can lock and locations to hide, whereas in a dorm room there's you and there's the psycho. If you liked movies such as "May" and/or "She's Crushed", then you will undoubtedly want to check out "The Roommate divx" since it is right up there with those, same type of semi-twisted thriller that just goes to prove you that everybody is not what you may think they are. It is not that terrible it would make you fall asleep. The good thing about The Roommate is that it is a pretty decentthriller. Not bad cast but, not one thing we haven't seen prior to in other movies (could be a "remake" of Single White Female), and very. I would suggest this to all of my pals. We have agreement with some International ExpressCorporation, the goods will be shipped inside 24 hours right after we received your payment. Predictable, likely since it's an exact replica of the 1992 film "Single White Female. I saw it at the dollar theater and everyone was laughing since it sucked so bad. Pretty a lot the only suspenseful scene was toward the end. Billy Zane - I haven't seen him in a movie forever (not given that Titanic), and I was pleased to see him in a movie again. Rebecca: "You can borrow anything that you want.

And certainly that was the intended audience. The Roommate dowloand! Go watch the movie single white female. Rebecca comes across innocent at 1st with no real reason for you to feel otherwise. The Roommate" capabilities stunning girls, frightening acts of violence and a very disturbing fatal attraction. Sara has each and every feasible choice obtainable to resolve her roommate issue, but her decisions just compound the dilemma. She is good as the poor girl or the over-the-best sick girl. Incredibly inacurate and terribly boring. The beginning was a sit through of "boring. Following Rebecca threatens Tracy, Sara's finest friend, you by no means see heragain. And don't get me started on CamGigadget(Sarah's beau) he is so Hot. The Roommate hq download. But I have to say think it or not, unlike most Screen Gems it does have depth. Thrilling and creepy. Meester does a actually good job of becoming the disturbed and twisted villain. All I know is that Tracy doesn't have a belly button ringanymore simply because Rebecca so ruthlessly ripped it out. You just figured out the whole movie. Predictable, disappointing, and somewhat cliche are just some adjectives I'd use to describe The Roo. The entire time I couldn't believe of anything much more than, "If this or this happened, it would've been a lot much more entertaining. This movie was good until the end. I would like to see much more films like this. The story line is so simple and predictable that much less than half way by means of it folks had been walking out. A creepy thriller atmosphere is nonexistent and as soon as once again screen gems has an additional turd on their hands and like they say to singers that they are tone deaf this studio is story, thrills, bold, character, atmosphere, scares and anything that remotely has entertainment value, DEAF. The idea behind the movie could actually have made a great horrorfilm, nevertheless, when a film fails to even attempt and be a horror movie whatcan you do. Those had been justified. She even goes as far as to cause harm to herself wich (SPOLIER ALERT) included pericing her own ears(seriously what 18-19 year old does not have her ears periced I already have mine carried out three times and im going for my 4th soon) beating herself up and stabing herself. Her roommate ends up becoming an awkward young woman who becomes increasingly weird and possessive (or she ought to have gotten increasingly so) of Sara. There was no excitement, every little thing was boring. In brief, Hollywood recycles plots allthe time, and that's fine but they could at least pick a new angle totell the story through that would captivate the viewer. I didn't like the film because it was one of those corny, "scary" movies. (movies) The Roommate. Right after observing what was taking location in the auditorium, they started laughing and left. Watch The Roommate hd! Every thing from showing that Sara was an innocent, ignorant young lady from a tiny town (who really goes to a frat party and thinks they're just serving punch. But the acting and the star power come absolutely nothing close to what the films is trying to accomplish which is attempting to thrill you can scare you. Sarah loses her outright agency, she has a formidable opponent who is both rich and stunning. Tiny screen starlets Meester and Kelly appear THISclose on the big screen. I'm going to see it nowadays with my buddies, and i'm 13, will you poop yourself. If your over 30 this movie will suck for you. She truly isn't. My 14 year old daughters thought it was great. Secondly, Cam Gigandet ought to not be doing movies like this since he is actually a extremely entertaining actor. Where to buy the movie The Roommate. Do not waste your funds, saw this on 2nd night out, not exciting,thrilling or scary, ok the ending wa. So Rebecca can draw art really well andthat's all we get to know about her character other than she lives 20minutes away and her parents are filthy rich and they don't get along. I still felt like it was a waste.

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