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Something Borrowed

Rachel is a lawyer. When she was in law school she fell for another student Dex who comes from an affluent family. But she's too shy to say anything. When Dex meets her best friend Darcy who treats her like dirt sometimes, who was visiting her, she makes a move on him and gets him. Eventually they get engaged and Darcy asks Rachel to be her Maid of Honor. But Rachel stills has feelings for Dex and still can't say anything. But when Darcy throws her a birthday party and Dex is there. When she and gets Dex are alone, she blurts out that she had a thing for him in college which surprised him. And after drinking a little they spend the night together. They try to forget the whole thing but can't but agree that it means nothing. But Ethan, Rachel close friend tells her that she'll spend her entire life regretting that if she does nothing.

Stars: Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield, John Krasinski, Steve Howey.

Directed by Luke Greenfield.

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The book is far better than the movie for sure (as per usual), but I enjoyed the film none the much less. I laughed so difficult I was crying. Darcy is a Kind-A Princess with an ego the size of Mount Rushmore. Watch the Something Borrowed. Poor acting and horrendous casting. It's not his fault that the producers are idiots.

I would say if you don't have anything great to do then go watch it. Something Borrowed hq download. The movie felt great to me. Its just a no brainer enjoyable love story. This movie was so horrible that I really tried to go to sleep, to no avail. I liked the movie far better than the book. I can comprehend that. A lot more of a video rental than a full fledge movie.

Horrible don't see it. I loved some of the romance parts, but of course I hate how it wasn't really moral. Something Borrowed hd online? One thing Borrowed" appears to champion mistresses, which is an unusual stance for romantic comedy movies. The other characters are predictable. Wait for the DVD or just download it from the world wide web. The whole movie is an attempt to demonize Kate Hudson's character so the primary character does not really feel bad about becoming such a bad friend. Luke Greenfield's romantic ɼomedy' was always going to be a test for me as it is a genre of film that I certainly don't favour, but I tried my best to remain neutral and unbiased, hoping that it would turn out to be 1 of the few gems that you can watch with your other half without having wanting to gauge ones' brain out with a plastic Ben & Jerry's spoon. Something Borrowed dowload. I know it happened to me. John Krasinski definitely brought the most laughs.

Was accurate to the book, LOVED IT. I see why Arod dumped her. Stay for a closing scene right after the credits roll. Rachel's feelings dont count or matter to her. The rest of the movie is tennis game of rationalization and guilt with a few smatterings of clever witty 1 liners. Looks like what Sally Field would have looked like if she hadn't looked like a cartoon, Colin Egglesfield looks like Tom Cruise-lite, Kate Hudson looks like her mother, and John Krasinski looks like UK Television individual Andrew Oɼonnor. Movie down load. Much better than several other chick flicks I've sat through as it wasn't just about the guy but also about the female friendship. And if you are a John Krasinski fan, you should watch it. Watch Something Borrowed dvd. All the characters were well developed. I am a lot more in adore with John Krasinski than ever. It is cute and funny. "Something Borrowed" download. But then they putted a funny, tense scene and took me into it. This movie will be just as excellent at home on the couch, but I still recommend it at the theater for a fun night out. What is the movie Something Borrowed.

The actors are excellent.

I feel issues like this take place in real life all the time. Laugh out loud funny. When Darcy grabs Dex for her own, Rachel once again remains silent, and as BFF becomes Darcy's 'Maid of Honor. Romantic comedy with a twist. It's entertaining but wish I had waited for the video. High quality Something Borrowed movie. What a waste of time and cash. Or what passed as friendship in this case. John Krasinski steals the show as Rachel's author friend Ethan, he is remarkable. Watched it today, I read the book last year, and the movie helped me keep in mind the plot of the entire book. It's much less of a comedy but enjoyable nonetheless, made that way by the star, Ginnifer Goodwin. The extremely ending in London. All of the characters are treated sincerely and played in a straightforward style. This movie is hilarious and really true to the book.

All in all, fantastic portrayals, decent directing, and an fascinating plot kept me interested and Really kept me in good graces with the wife :-). Having read the book, I actually loved this movie. I loved the book but this movie was absolutely nothing like the book at all. Something Borrowed psp download. Frequently times the less confident and more insecure will stick by friends who treat them like s--- and constantly take benefit of them out of some sense of loyalty and feelings of moral responsibility (I know I have). Jennifer and Kate were delightful, but the plot was a little far-fetched. It stays fairly accurate to the book, with a few exceptions. Light and enjoyable--go see with your girlfriends for a girls night out. Saw it with a group of girlfriends and fantastic for a girl's night out. I guess if I wrote a sensible love story, it would go nowhere in Hollywood. It was just still beginning.

I went to this movie solely simply because of the actors I have loved in the past and come to appreciate in practically any role I see them in - nonetheless the lack of honor, trust, and just downright humanity was such an amazing turn-off to anything that could have been excellent about this film. I loved the book, but in contrast to most (weird) readers, I didn't like Rachel. I discovered myself laughing out loud and relating to the primary character's feelings. The most drawn out emotional guilt-fest over the simplest dilemma. I can't say that any of the acting could have been better. Nice Girls Don,™t, Excellent Girls Do Something Borrowed begins happy and frivolous. For a girl that enjoys going to the movies (and especially the "chick-flicks") I really enjoyed this movie.

It was quite dramatic but I didn't expect a comedy. What was Ethan performing in the country AND why was he doing Hilary's job. My wife loved the movie and I constantly squirmed in my seat. Absolutely ridiculous movie. The fact that it was opening night and sold out for a number of showings was somewhat promising I mean, how many people could be this wrong about a movie. Something Borrowed the movie .

This movie had type of the typical storyline - but had numerous hilarious scenes. The contrast between the two principal female characters is so overdone as to make the movie utterly stupid. I would suggest this movie to any person over the age of 16, specifically of the female gender. The guy who plays Marcus is also really cute, but his portion was downplayed, as was the ending. About acting, can be better.

I loved it i can watch it over and over once more i love the dancing scene. That was most likely one of the most "real" scenes of the movie. OKay, following seeing the reviews and stuff like that, I thought okay a cute romantic comedy movie, I have in no way been a fan of Kate Hudson, the only movie I liked her in is how to lose a guy in 10 days, aside from that absolutely nothing, on the other hand I do like Ginnifer Goodwin, believe she has a lot of prospective of becoming a excellent actress for some unknown reason she reminded me of a young sally Field, in this movie. I don't know, perhaps I liked it simply because I can relate to Rachel's character(my finest friend too has the Ȭharisma" of often having every thing working out for her and gets all the attention, but love her nonetheless). I saw it twice in 2 days, and could possibly go once more. I'm hoping for a sequel.

Young adults and females would be the groups likeliest to take pleasure in this movie the most. Went out with my mom for a belated mother's day gift. The cheating on each other scenario appears to be a prominent plot line. It should have been written by a mistress as her own wishful thinking. I enjoy a romantic comedy and this is 1 of the far better ones I've seen in a couple of years. I hate seeing all of the poor reviews it is getting. It kept me entertained by means of the whole film and I left with a smile on my face =). It was definately worth a night at the movies for me. Being a pushover in life is not beneficial. I liked this movie until the end. To watch the Something Borrowed film. The cast is on-point, so I'm excited to check it out. I'm a big fan of Emily Giffin's books so I was very excited to go see One thing Borrowed. She's in no way looked much more alluring, a lot more beautiful. Darcy is a Type-A Princess with an ego the size of Mount Rushmore. If you read the book I would suggest you see it but don't anticipate it to be just like the book. As often the critics dont like it, so it need to be great, following all, they loved "The Kings. Although I realize this happens in actual life, it should by no means be promoted on the large screen. Anybody and everybody will be able to take some thing with them from this movie. He would'nt even have to speak to make me laugh. Goldie Hawn's daughter is just very annoying. It showed nice guys finish last, cheaters prevail, and that losing your lifetime finest friend is okay. Watch Something Borrowed online divx. It is been a although given that I read the books, but I do not feel the movie was quite a excellent as they were. Ginnifer is just delightful. Something Borrowed movie online streaming.

Yes, it was worth it. New film Something Borrowed. Some thing Borrowed is not one of them Ginnifer Goodwin is certainly getting employed to playing perennial single woman. This harsh and painful evaluation brought to you by 1 of Ginnifer Goodwin's greatest fans who thinks that she should have said no to the role when as she said she felt that she couldn't sympathize with Rachel. Excellent movie - plot, acting and every little thing else. Something Borrowed film length! It was a cute movie, but rather predictable. Would we pass up the chance for feasible true happiness or let him get away once more. The actors were entertaining and pretty to look at whilst the subject matter was contemporary. The primary other featured characters are Ethan (Krasinski), Rachel's best friend (who is himself in adore with her but doesn't declare it until late in the film), Claire (Ashley Williams), who nurses an un-reciprocated yearning for Eathan, and Marcus (Steve Howey), an ignorant promiscuous oaf. It was fresh, exciting and above all, kinda accurate when you truly think about it. Something Borrowed films.

I feel they stayed pretty true to the book, while making a great movie. Something Borrowed film streaming high quality?

Nevertheless, what you pay to see a movie in the theaters these days this one is not worth it. A cute romantic comedy.

Omg greatest movie ever now is my 2nd favorite not going to spoil it so u must go see. Download entire Something Borrowed movie? John Krasinski is hilarious and left me laughing the whole way by means of. This is one of those movies that stay with you for days, and makes you want a boyfriend or to fall in enjoy all over once more. Excellent movie to see with girlfriends. John Krasinski steals the show as Rachel's author friend Ethan, he is remarkable. Several individuals give into bullies that feel they are superior to their friends. Download Something Borrowed dvdrip? Darcy has even managed to get herself engaged to Dex (Colin Egglesfield), who was the focus of Rachel's romantic attentions at law school. Great performances by all involved. Best movie I've observed in a long time. Great message on why everyone need to balance their self interest with care for friends. It's not his fault that the producers are idiots. He was really funny. Yes,even Kate as Darcy. Is Something Borrowed on dvd yet?

I truly enjoyed this movie because it is very funny and all the actors are very well chosen. Painful to watch- I nearly walked out. Something Borrowed dvd online! She was pals with Darcy for 26 years and essentially gave all that up for a cheater and a coward. I generally like any movie that Kate Hudson has starred in so I thought I would give this one a shot. To the individuals who did not like it, I'm just thinking you over "thunk" it. I am hopeful that there will be a sequel and that there will be more character development. SPOILER **Be certain to hang out and see the last scene in the credits (hopefully we will be able to catch up with the sequel), which teases you about Some thing Blue.

The characters had been not chiseled by the director but by the writer, so a moral dissertation of do's and don't's is not for me. And the movie was way too long, this should have been 90 minutes, tops.

Young adults and females would be the groups likeliest to take pleasure in this movie the most. Watch full movie.

So significantly build up, for that to take place as a conclusion. Nonetheless, I Adore the cast (very nice eye candy) and would certainly see it once more (rent it, of course). Plus, he was concerned about his mother's wellness. Plus, I undoubtedly want to understand the dance Darcy and Rachel perform. It was worth our time. Although the movie took some liberties, the story line was close to the book, and the movie was overall enjoyable. It will be on DVD withing 2 months tops. Movie Something Borrowed download! Kate Hudson does a good job of being selfish and pleased-go-lucky, Ginnifer Goodwin is really sweet and plays her portion well, and John Krasinski is Great as the go to one liner guy. Something Borrowed fillm. Not the ending I was expecting. Something Borrowed high quality" appears to champion mistresses, which is an unusual stance for romantic comedy movies. Watch Something Borrowed the film full version. It was cute and had it's funny moments. These women had been supposed to be so close, but the "Kate" character was so shallow she did not know her life lengthy friend was in enjoy with the guy AND the "ginnifer" character did not confide in her greatest friend. IT WAS THE Best CHICK FLICK Since LETTERS TO JULIET AND PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ALL OF THE NICHOLAS SPARKS MOVIES. I left at the 20 minute mark and got a pass to come to see an additional movie. It was a rgreat storyline though it got a little drwan out in some parts on a entire it was a excellent movie with fantastic sceenic shots and believable charecters. Something Borrowed dvd rip download. It's much far better to sleep with her fiancee (who kinda sorta does not want you but maybe does) than to have told her you wanted to date him first. Something Borrowed full video download. He is best for the role, so is Ginnifer Goodwin as Rachel. Telecharger Something Borrowed! I liked the film since it was light and airy. They got the characters so excellent. Comwe accept PAYPAL/credit card payment and all the goods are the Free of charge shipping. Something Borrowed divx! The movie was attempting to be contemporary, trendy, hip all those cliches and it was 1 large cliche to say the least. It was a extremely cute film, best for our "just girls" night. Something Borrowed online dvdrip. Directors/writer etc. It had a lot of funny moments and wasn't a actual sappy, tear-jerker chick flick. Evn tho it looks predictable it looks like it mite b a enjoyable movie n i would def chk it out. If the guy from " The Office, John Krasinski " wasn't in it to add some comedic relief it would have been truly awful. Ginnifer Goodwin is sweet and not as needy as she sometimes comes across on screen. Not specifically like it, but enough that book lovers need to be really pleased. Besides the funny parts in the trailer, there are a lot other scenes that had the theater laughing. I wish they would've elaborated on Dex and Rachel's relationship - the feelings didn't appear true. Overall I loved this movie. Buy Something Borrowed dvd.

It was somewhat predictable nevertheless it was worth the time to go see it. I didn't really know that it was based on a book, but I'm interested in reading it now because I enjoyed the movie a lot. Funny, and a genuinely excellent story.

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