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How to Train Your Dragon

Long ago up North on the Island of Berk, the young Viking, Hiccup, wants to join his town's fight against the dragons that continually raid their town. However, his macho father and village leader, Stoik the Vast, will not allow his small, clumsy, but inventive son to do so. Regardless, Hiccup ventures out into battle and downs a mysterious Night Fury dragon with his invention, but can't bring himself to kill it. Instead, Hiccup and the dragon, whom he dubs Toothless, begin a friendship that would open up both their worlds as the observant boy learns that his people have misjudged the species. But even as the two each take flight in their own way, they find that they must fight the destructive ignorance plaguing their world.

Stars: Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill.

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Each sequence was somehow various, with the initial sequence beginning out as an enchanting roller-coaster ride, I was virtually reduced to tears in the course of this scene for the sheer beauty presented before my eyes. How to download How to Train Your Dragon. Nonetheless, he is a great inventor and he has created a machine that is able to launch a net that can trap dragons in midair. Watch How to Train Your Dragon online watch How to Train Your Dragon online? I guess James Cameron requirements some of our change for an AVATAR redo and then a sequel. I took my neice and nephews to see it, but in all truth, i believe I enjoyed it the most. I don't like numerous animated movies, but this is one of my favorite movies. I believe it's the greatest Dreamworks animated film because Flushed away. I have to say, the animation here really is starting to rival that of any Pixar movie. Thanks for everybody that shared in this great movie and brought it to us so we can be really entertained. Typical underdog storyline had been the runt of the litter finishes on top of the pile and teaches everybody valuable life lessons on the way. The charactors were rich, humor was timely and proper. In total the entire movie was fantastic, but there were a few visual flaws. If we only understood our enemies much better, there would be peace and harmony everywhere. No URL's, phone numbers, addresses, or profanities please. I may well even purchase it (I usuallydon't). I can't spoilanything else for you. Download How to Train Your Dragon hq. But, surprise, he can't whenhe does land one of the rarest of dragon breeds. It works--Hiccup knows he's brought something down but itlands too far away for him to investigate--but the unintendedconsequences cause considerable damage. Full How to Train Your Dragon movie Enjoyed it as much as the youngsters. How to Train Your Dragon psp! XA8 The creators of Lilo and Stitch, Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders, bring us this beautiful animated film called How to Train Your Dragon in HD. Likewise Butler turns in another "meh" performance for me but at least here his Scottish brogue assists him and his lack of screen charisma doesn't hurt his voice work. The story line was excellent and so was the animation. Damaged by Hiccup,™s weapon the dragon cannot maneuver in the air simply because its tail (which acts as a rudder) was permanently damaged by the weapon. There had been no hidden adult themes. The ending is fairy tale happy. How to Train Your Dragon dvd Just only for a reason the "good guys" thought "the bad guys" had been slaves to the poor guy they killed bunch of everybody. Download How to Train Your Dragon the film online. The previews lead you to think that this is a kid's movie, but it is for all ages. But if a film geek like me can watch this thing via once, once again with the commentary, and then the ending once more just simply because I didn't want to lose the evening's groove, then you require to get the DVD, too. Later, when he reunites with his childhood friend (Daisy), the story actually picks up in earnest. Knowing that this was a Dreamworks films, I was expecting a moviesimilar to Shrek or other Dreamworks movies, which in my opinion haveonly average story lines. But I liked the point created in the movie. This movie was so freakin adorable and cute i loved it. Is it far better than Shrek. Had a lot of difficulty with believability of the young boy Has the look of 12-16 year old but the mouth and encounter of a 30 year old brat surely Disney could had a lot more innocence here. His music has been criminally overlooked and is simply the best score of the 2000s in my opinion.

Amongwriters/directors Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders' greatest decisions ranksthe one to make the dragons a lot like dogs in their expressions andbehavior (when they're not shooting flames at individuals).

How to Train Your Dragon is a actually good movie, and trust me, I know. I stillconsider The Lion King and Up to be my favorite animated films, butthis 1 will stay a really memorable 1 as nicely and hopefully somegood sequels can be produced. Each and every 1 ought to watch it RightAway. But then came the boy. Where can i watch How to Train Your Dragon online. How enjoyable could thatbe. Definitely 1 for our DVD collection.

The characters in this movie were wonderful and its what really produced it come together. "How to Train Your Dragon" dvd. There are many nice special effects and gorgeous artwork - the humans are realistic sufficient and the dragons look really original. Ok. The relationship betweenHiccup and his father Stoick was the most endearing family relationshipI've seen portrayed in animation. The revelations in the film about the dragons pull at 1's emotions.

Since the use of pc generated cartoons there are some good ones and some bad ones. Even its ending was one thing totally unexpected for me to the point that it still keeps me questioning if it's great to show things like that, but then I imagine kids asking their parents about that ending and I really feel relieved. This is a "keeper" (will get it when it comes out on Blu-Ray). The voices particularly those of Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, and Christopher Mintz- Plasse were terrific. THEY Need to MAKE A lot more MOVIES LIKE THIS 1. Hiccup makes a device to go on the tail that aids the dragon in flying and he also makes himself a saddle. I never expected that this cartoon could take me on such rollercoaster ride that it did. I want to scream for a sequel but I believe it would be much better toleave this film be and let our imaginations make our own sequel. As for the plot, it couldn't have been much more predictable but I do not look at that as a disadvantage. Saw it with my granddaughters and we loved it. Oh and the fightsequences are equally spectacular, haunting but also really gripping andalmost epic. How to Train Your Dragon dvd rip download! It looks so extremely excellent, lots of wonderful details and extremely colorful. I suggest to any person this is an additional Dreamworks masterpiece.

YOU CAN SEE buy How to Train Your Dragon movie IN 3D NOW PLAYING IN THEATERS. I'd recommend this flick.

Every thing was best. This is one of the couple of youngsters movies that I will be looking forward to purchasing when it comes out on dvd. Need to see all ages great graphics great story apsolutly amazing ending far better the all shrek movies combined greatest animated movie that we have observed. I admit I liked that, but it wasn't enough tomask the other 95 minutes of predictability. Enjoyable movie, with enjoyable characters, and fantastic flying special affects. How to Train Your Dragon download movie. For instance, Benjamin travels by means of life experiencing all sorts of things from becoming a tugboat captain to having dalliances with ladies, notably a high society woman (Tilda Swinton) whom he ultimately moves on from. Hope much more 3D movie like this. If You Want To See A excellent Movie Go See How to Train Your Dragon download.

But once more, it's Man over Nature and living together only after Man has handled, taught, emancipated and directed Nature -- on Man's terms, more or much less. Watch How to Train Your Dragon movie in full Toothless is amazing. It is indeed 1 of the couple of movies that has managed to amalgamate creativity, beauty and insight, with a touch of wit and humor. This was such a fantastic, excellent movie. Download How to Train Your Dragon the movie. Who'd wanna miss that. If you're not totally absorbed by the eyes and depth of expression on Toothless, you're either utterly jaded or utterly dead, emotionally speaking. It was also a great movie for the parents, we all truly enjoyed this :) we'll be getting it when it comes out on dvd for certain. It was a great movie for adults and children. Download full movie. His experiences with the dragon permit Hiccup to gain useful insights into the nature of the ferocious beasts, it turns out they are much more like dogs and cats than flying lizards. Watch How to Train Your Dragon movie in high quality. There are Vikings with their looks and their wonderful accent, and thereare dragons, lots of them, different species and every thing. Almost as much as their dad -). The ending is certainly what most people would not expect and is a little abnormal for DreamWorks movie. What is with dreamworks anyway.

I told see a small of all my dogs in Toothless. I don't like to be confused with where I'mgoing with a movie. It is wealthy and witty, with the ideal actors to lend their voices to whaat will be a classic. Download How to Train Your Dragon film high quality. I had been wanting to see ȫuy How to Train Your Dragon" for a extremely long time, because i had heard from everyone what a excellent movie it is. It's got a excellent story. Here's the deal Susy, I'll stop making fun of you for becoming 6yo and wanting a pony, if don't make enjoyable of me for wanting a dragon at 34yo. How to Train Your Dragon movie online watch. The violence was over the top. This movie was beautiful. The story of vikings and dragons, brilliant. Of course, Sanders did a great job with Lilo & Stitch, so I'm not surprised at the amount of praise for this film. Well, I will say this, it was a fantastic movie, but don't pay the extra bucks to see it in 3D.

How to Train Your Dragon film has a lot of heart, which is strange for a DreamWorks film. Hiccup becomes buddies with it, brings it fish for food, andfabricates a replacement portion for its tail, which Hiccup has to controlhimself, thus he flies it. This is the way all animatedmovies ought to be, sparkling with colors and life. I saw this movie with my small brother, mom, dad, and some buddies. This is 1 of the fun filled movies I have seen for youngsters of all ages. Descargar How to Train Your Dragon hd. We saw this 1 at the drive-in. There is no female character in the book known as Astrid, and the other Viking youngsters are a lot more developed in the book and play a bigger role. The dialog flows without questionable humor. The entire family enjoyed it. Full movie downloads? If your child is simply scared this movie may possibly be to intense for them. So I went to see it yesterday not truly expecting it to be actual fantastic and I actually liked it. Watch the whole How to Train Your Dragon film! QuotHow to train your dragon" surpassed a lot of my expectations. Download divx How to Train Your Dragon full lenght. It was/is the Finest Family movie of the year. Its a enjoyable really feel great movie for all ages. But the clichés are just not correlating with the Greatness of a morale the makers had been trying to convey to viewers. Well, Imade my point. But it's visuallyspectacular, has some laugh out loud moments as well as some genuinelymoving scenes, and a brisk pace that in no way bogs down. Watch How to Train Your Dragon online no download. Instead of trying to be pseudo-realistic the animation revels in being just that, and the movie is the much better for it. Just a tremendous family members movie. I would recommend it to any person. The greatest kids movie in awhile, Extremely cute and has something in it for everybody, even adults. This movies amazing it has fantastic animation and excellent actors to do the voices it also has the best original style i have ever observed. Positive, there are a couple of sentimental moments with swelling music that may well have been a little too a lot icing on the cake- but I was entertained really thoroughly. How to Train Your Dragon dvd start. I have a pet cat, called The Cat. It was veru engaging and I am encouraging everyone to see it. Why did the adults have Scottish accents and the kids have American accents. As Hiccup gains Toothless' trust, he learns far much more about dragons as a species than his fellows at house ever knew. You can by no means expect what happens next. WOULD YOU CHILLOUT ALREADY. Cute, the story line is completely predictable and at times overly simplistic.

And how a lot the father wishes to safeguard his son as well as relate to him.

The visuals are genuinely bleeding-edge. Thevisuals, in contrast to most Dreamworks animated films, are nicer to look at. This doesn't have any dull moment and everythingfalls into a substance. Hiccup learns that the dragons aren't really bloodthirsty killers and we are drawn into a series of predictable events in which he should prove to his father and his people that the dragons aren't dangerous, just misunderstood. Each and every characters was intriguing in some way. The 3D scenes had been convincing and stunning.

I thought this was going to be an additional torture movie my wife was dragging me to like Boondock Saints 2. We took a 7 year old girl, a four year old, five year old and 7 year old boy and all of them stayed interested in the movie the entire time, my four year old was actually excited and actually got into the movie, we found it suitable for all of them and I had no 'omg' what did I bring them to see moments. How to Train Your Dragon full movie divx? All the distinctive designs for the distinct kinds of dragons werepretty cool, as well. How to Train Your Dragon film streaming high quality. In Avatar it was truly close to realism but felt much more "tricked" and manipulated by their CG. I SAW IT THE 1ST DAY IT CAME OUT IN 3D WITH three OF MY FRIEND ME AND MY MOM ALSO WENT WITH THEM. But go layter in the day becase the small kids cant seem to remain in there seets cas of all the surger in there bodeys lol. THE Greatest ANIMATED FILMS Dragon ranks as Dreamworks best along with Shrek. Also all of the fire and violence was a bit a lot for a young child. How to Train Your Dragon the movie online. I guess it's in-line with theoriginal kid's book on which it's based, but I found it distracting. Watch How to Train Your Dragon hd! I loved Toothless and Hiccup defeating that huge dragon. However it still retains the cuteness of a puppy with it's perky ears and huge round eyes. Telecharger How to Train Your Dragon Some of us probably still are attempting to find our niche. If you can not realize the dragon side of the movie, you in no way ought to have watched it simply because you had been determined to be bored anyway. That's a 1st for an animated film. Those less critical of movies will definitely enjoy the film a excellent deal more than I did, but it is a fine movie none the less. I saw this in 3D & I loved it. From begin to finish, this movie strikes a excellent balance of wit, action, drama, and character. However, I'm prettysure that terrorists and tyrants aren't going to be as cooperative asthe fictional characters in this movie. I want to watch the How to Train Your Dragon film A difficult but in the end touching friendship develops. Website to watch How to Train Your Dragon the film. Following the movie I wanted so badly to own a dragon. After all the bonding in dragon training, I got a distinct "MulanȮsque feeling about the little vikings.

But, overthat small factor, the movie is a actually god, and a should get. Hiccup is like Shrek in a certain way since at 1st he is nobodythen helps save the day in the end. I read the book before this movie ever entered theaters. Watch How to Train Your Dragon dvd. This film has to winthe Oscar, at least finest animated picture.

Genius dream-works have done it good with this movie 4/4 stars dream-works need to do more movies this is what had been searching for entertainment comedy and edge binding on your seats each minute from beginning to end bravo. I just don't like so a lot killing with such dire consequenses and youngsters without legs at the end. I suggest it to all audiences. The relationships between the "teenage" vikings also is rather poor, although in the end, they too work together for the great of the village.

I wish Iɽ observed it in three-D. Their wings do not seem huge enough to carry their own weight, a lot less that of a human rider.

How to Train Your Dragon blu-ray is a movie you have to go see with the entirefamily simply because adults and youngsters will take pleasure in it alike. In order to be regarded as a true Viking, thecharacters must go and get their extremely own dragon from the dragon lairand train it. "How to Train Your Dragon" movie. A new special thought, take your children to watch it.

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